Marvel/Malibu Modern Age- Freex #1-16, Giant Size VF

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This sale is for  Marvel/Malibu Modern Age- Freex #1-16, Giant Size VF

#1 in the original poly bag with card

missing #17 & 18 to complete the entire series


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Within the Marvel Comics universe the Ultraverse was designated as Earth-93060.


18 issues comic book series  created By Gerard Jones and Ben Herrera. It concerned a team of teenage superheroes. The group that would come to call themselves the Freex were apparently created when a group of newborn infants were injected with a substance called "wetware", a mix of mutated DNA and nanotechnology that had been created by the advanced but isolated underground society called the Fire People. The nurse who injected these children would later go on to become the superhero Contrary, who utilized other Fire People technology to assist and organize Ultraforce. It also had a special Giant Size Freex.

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